The Great Wall of China - What Makes It A Masterpiece?

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Great Wall is uncontroversially one of the most well-know wonders in the world. Built in 214 B.C by the Chinese Emperor with the original intention of defending his country from the Japanese and the Mongolians' assailments, the Great Wall run across 2,400 kilometers. Taking a walk on the wall then you will have to utter how magnificient the masterpiece is. In spite of its early history, the Great Wall still stands strong. However, it's not always easy to preserve well the entire wonder in remote regions it runs through and against devastating storms. Consequently, some of the Great Wall's parts have been destroyed or collasped.


In those times, China suffered heavy damage of property and lives as the Mongols led by the Great Genghis Khan plundered the city of Beijing ruthlessly robbing property and even raping the Chinese women. The Chinese deiced to then build a wall that signifies the border of the country and then the soldiers would also get an upper edge as they could see the enemy at a distance and prepare for an attack. There are watch towers every 100 meters and the guards used to stand on these towers to keep a watch on any impending attacks.


The Great Wall was not easy to build. Hundreds of lives and plenty of money were spent in its construction. In the end it was also embroiled in controversy as its constructor was accused of laundering unnecessary money for making the wall. Hence the wall lay unfinished in the end. The ancient Chinese people were employed for constructing the wall. There were protests from the workers that they had to stay away form their loved ones for long periods of time during the wall's construction. Hence the engineers decided to let the families relocate to temporary settlements besides the wall so that the workers could live together with their families.


Today the Great Wall is not used for defense. It has now become a major tourist destination in China and is also regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. From the wall you can marvel at the scenery of the mountain ranges. The Wall runs through all the major parts of the China. Since its inception the Wall continues to be the pride of the Chinese people and is said to be their most prized possession. If you are lucky you can also see some wildlife in the mountainous stretches along the Wall. Though we marvel at the Wall's beauty we should not forget the importance of the efforts and sacrifices of the workers who laid their lives down to protect China from its enemies. After the construction of the wall the Chinese people were able to ward of any enemies who wanted to get inside the country and loot people.


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The Great Wall of China - What Makes It A Masterpiece?

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This article was published on 2010/07/13