Green Wall- Space Can No Longer Create a Hindrance!

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A green wall is a modified free-standing or part of a building wall that is partially or completely covered with vegetation, and in some cases, soil or an inorganic growing medium. This trend of gardening is popular in city life where space doesn’t permit dwellers to plan a full-fledged garden. However, there is always a general yearning for living more harmoniously with the environment. Therefore, people have chosen this scientific method of organic living which can be done in spite of more confined spaces and less access to private outdoors. As it is said, “…..the garden is a place to go for quiet contemplation, a source not only of food but also of spiritual renewal and intimate contact with life's most basic processes”.

Today, gardening no longer requires an open outdoor space; even you do not need free floor space. All that is needed is a vacant wall, proper light and few garden accessories. Most green walls use grid planter system that is prepared by using a frame, cells and irrigation channels. The main concern of the plant breeders is to grow some fresh veggies and fruits as well as high yield vegetation in a small space. So they have been constantly trying to develop more varieties that can grow in a small foot print or in containers all year round. There are companies that provide garden accessories which are a type of wall planter that allows your building wall turn into your very own vertical garden in a beautiful way.

Some of these upgraded containers made from recycled plastic bottles that are cut from above and fixed in the specified area with great proficiency and artistically. The material conserves water and allows a plant’s root system to consume nutrients from soil, thereby promoting healthy growth. But, what is more exciting is that it enables plants to be grown up on a wall, without damaging the building and it is no more difficult to install. The whole arrangement looks great even before the plants are actually grown. Moreover, it does provide some physical advantages as it gives the pleasure of living in touch with Mother Nature, despite the lack of virtual gardening space.

The green wall concept was pioneered by Patrick Blanc, a French Botanist, who had researched and discovered that as more people are clearing out the forest areas, there is the growing need of shrubbery everywhere in order to maintain the ecological balance. He has made the vertical gardening concept famous worldwide. Today, it has developed into the latest fashion statement particularly in Asia and Europe, where green walls are used for company logos. With carefully selection of plants and nice arrangements, the walls can bloom most places – indoors and out.

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Green Wall- Space Can No Longer Create a Hindrance!

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This article was published on 2011/11/02