China: Visiting the Great Wall

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The Great Wall of China is one of the country's most famous features and is on the must-see list for any visitor taking a trip to China. The 2000-year old, 5000 kilometer wall was built in the Qin Dynasty and was extended some 1500 years later to the length of around 6400 kilometers. It was built by China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huangdi, after he conquered China and united the country, which had previously been split into 7 warring states. The original wall connected and lengthened 4 existing fortification walls and was built as a defense from the nomadic warring tribes from the north, the Hsiung Nu. It is one of the largest building projects ever undertaken, with parts of the wall reaching 25 feet into the air.

The easiest way to see the wall is to take a bus or train from Beijing to Badaling, which is the most popular and easily accessible section. Since it's only an hour away from Beijing, tourists can make a one-day visit and be back in Beijing in time for dinner. The section of the wall at Badaling has been restored and it was the first section of the wall that was opened to tourists in 1957. There has been substantial growth in tourist facilities since then and the area now has world-class accommodations, many restaurants and a cable car. The Badaling Expressway is a new rail service that connects Badaling with central Beijing. Millions of tourists come to see the wall each year and there are packages that offer a chance to camp out on the Great Wall, either under the stars or in one of the watchtowers. There are guided tours and hiking tours available.

The Great Wall is definitely one of the best tourist destinations on the planet. No visit to China is complete without at least a day trip to the magnificent ancient landmark. China is an inexpensive holiday choice and offers many sights and activities for the tourist looking for a unique adventure.
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China: Visiting the Great Wall

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    Na Li- 2010/10/13 18:08:36 pm

    China's the Great Wall is one of the world's seven miracles. It is wonderfull... Come to China, remember to visit the Great Wall. Want to learn more about China, just visit my web...

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