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Art is expressed in so many ways not just in paintings, collage and pictures. Art can also be seen even inside the room of ordinary citizen and thanks to wall stickers which become so common nowadays. Wall stickers are more of simple decorations which are even cheaper than painting the whole room. Wall stickers are often used inside the room to get a different atmosphere other than the conventional plain painted room which sometimes becomes boring. Families who have children are the common users of wall stickers, perhaps because children are more creative in many ways. In the advent of art and creativity, wall stickers are considered to be the "cool" and the "in."

Wall stickers challenge the mind with the different designs available. One very common design is that of nature characterized by trees and even small animals like birds. Landscape is also another feature of the wall stickers because they give a more tranquil and serene atmosphere or background. Families with children often choose that which has cartoon characters to give the mood of playfulness for children as if they are always attending a party. Workers and ordinary citizens often choose simple designs such as tiny flowers of lighter color just to give a shade to the wall. Some of the designs would even go very light as though they do not want to be noticed but it still gives a silent background preferred mostly by professionals.

Students also get to have their own choice when it comes to wall stickers. There are also modern designs of rock bands or music groups which are often specialized and are not easy to get in stores. These are made to order wall stickers and purchase of which can be done on the internet. The thing that should be remembered here is that wall stickers with personalized designs do not come in handy and if one wants to buy something that can be picked up in a day, then he should choose a more generic and simple design.

Putting wall stickers on the wall is not as easy as eating pie. It also takes some preparations before sticking it there to make sure that it will last for a long time. One of the preparations involves clearing the wall of any mounted materials such as pictures and or existing wall papers. It should be smooth enough and flat so that no bump will be seen from the outside. Cracks on the wall are not helpful in making the wall sticker last. It should be fixed first prior to sticking it or else the wall sticker will just be wasted.

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Art on the Wall Stickers

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This article was published on 2011/06/10